At Oasis, we are COMMITTED to the physical safety of our employees, our contractors, and the communities in which we operate. The oilfield can be a fast moving place, but EVERY person on our worksites is empowered to halt operations to address potential safety issues. At the end of the day, we aren’t satisfied with our performance unless EVERYONE GOES HOME in the same condition they arrived. To achieve this objective, we utilize:

COMMUNICATION: Oasis operates a flat hierarchy when it comes to safety. Everyone is accountable, and everyone is the boss. If anyone on our worksite, contractor or employee, sees an unsafe condition or circumstance, he or she can bring an abrupt halt to operations to address the issue. We call it a safety time-out. Safety is always more efficient than injury, and we don’t just know it; we live it.

COLLABORATION: Utilizing the best loss control consulting in the industry, Oasis continually seeks to develop the best in class procedures to maintain our safety culture. Oasis teams up with our insurance brokers and underwriters to proactively address patterns of safety issues in the oilfield before they come to our door. The smartest people in our industry are those who share their ideas with others and, in turn, listen to learn from others.

COMPLIANCE: Keeping up to date on the latest compliance requirements can’t be taken for granted. Our EH&S team continually monitors the industry for new regulatory developments and adapts our processes to integrate them. The long term habitability of the areas we work requires our vigilance in reporting and responding to any incident that threatens the environment. Realistically, we can’t be perfect in prevention of every problem, but we can be perfect in our obligations to fixing them.

COORDINATION: We don’t just hire anyone to work with us. From the day we begin searching for contractors to the day they set foot on our site, we are vetting their safety performance and sharing our Contractor EH&S Requirements guide to ensure they know what is expected from them. Strict adherence to the safety principles and best practices gives us an edge and, not surprisingly, they learn why working for Oasis is personally in their best interests too.

EH&S Contact:
David Edwards
1001 Fannin, Suite 1500
Houston, TX 77002

View the Contractor EH&S Requirements PDF




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